About CFM

Question: “When I hire Creek Farm, who will be showing up at my house?”

Answer:  Well, I’ll be there, for one. My name is James Sweatman, the mason at Creek Farm, and the pictures on this site are of my work—with help, of course. Creek Farm is a small, family owned business. My wife, Sara, designs the gardens and answers the phone. Both she and her sister, Cary, do the plantings. My brother in law, Steven Chytla of Chytla Landscapes, is an invaluable help in many aspects of Creek Farm operations. Michael Andress is my right hand man and an excellent mechanic, as well as a jack of all trades. You might also, on occasion, see Chris Crane, of Crane Concrete Construction, if there is an especially large amount of concrete to finish at one time. He brings an additional 30 years experience to the table. Other people you might find on a Creek Farm job are Andrew Goldschnieder of Craftsman Electric or Gary DiPietro of DnD Energy, for all our electric needs. Of course, if the job is small enough, it might just be me who shows up in the morning with a steaming cup of joe, ready to work.

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